Federal judge who approved safe injection site in Philly puts a hold on his order

Instead, he said, he was granting the stay because “it is the wrong moment for another change in the status quo.” 

He said Philadelphians’ nerves are “frayed by fear and uncertainty” and such a new approach to the opioid epidemic would be “disruptive.”

Ronda Goldfein of the nonprofit Safehouse said the decision reinforces the arguments in favor of a safe injection site.

“These facilities do not increase drug use and in fact, the evidence shows it improves lives for people using drugs and communities. Those are all the arguments we’ve been making for the last two years,” Goldfein said. 

Goldfein said Safehouse is also aware of the challenges in Philadelphia right now and has no plans to open a site, so they look forward to arguing the case in the Third Circuit. 

McSwain had no immediate comment.