Malvern couple starts Sneakers For Soldiers nonprofit

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MALVERN, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — After a Malvern couple sent sneakers to their son deployed in Afghanistan, they started thinking about other soldiers who may need sneakers too.

So they started a nonprofit to help out. 

The U.S. military does not issue athletic shoes to deployed soldiers, and with harsh conditions in places like Afghanistan, sneakers wear out fast.

Deborah Hausladen and her husband, John, formed "Sneakers For Soldiers," which got its nonprofit status in December. 

"We devised a way to send forms over to deployed soldiers. We provide eight different styles of sneakers, four different brands, and the soldiers are then able - from the description on the forms - to pick a sneaker that best fits their feet," Deborah said. 

More than 100 soldier requests have been filled.

"We are really showing these soldiers that we support them in such a unique way," she added.  

To donate money towards the footwear, click here.