More financial help coming to Pennsylvania child care providers, officials announce


“We do know that a healthy, robust child care system will be absolutely critical to weather the economic recovery ahead,” Miller said. 

Pennsylvania is directing another $53 million in funding to child care providers on top of last month's $51 million.

Both payments are from the federal CARES Act funding.

Miller said not only will child care centers be dealing with a likely reduction in enrollment, they’ll need more staff, and they’ll be saddled with additional cleaning and sanitizing responsibilities.

There are 7,017 licensed child care centers in Pennsylvania, and Gov. Tom Wolf said 65 have already closed. 

Around 100 more turned down the first round of funding, an indicator they will not reopen.

“This funding is really going to help child care providers bridge the gap until their clientele returns, whenever that is,” Wolf added. 

He said another $116 million in federal funds going through the general assembly will be going out in the coming months.