More incoming freshmen expected to request a gap year, but getting approved might not be easy

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)  More incoming college freshmen are expected to request a year off because of COVID-19. But getting that request granted might not be easy.

Most schools will limit the number of students they approve for a gap year.

”Traditionally, it ends up being a full year of doing something. And that doing something could be working, volunteering, traveling, a hybrid,” she explained. 

All of which is difficult or impossible because of the pandemic.

Colleges also can’t take too many gap year requests because they would have to reduce the number of freshman accepted the following year. 

“That is a big concern for the class of 2021. They’re worried that if colleges grant all these gap year requests, that there won’t be as much room for those rising seniors who are going to be applying this coming year,” Harberson said. 

Some colleges have already announced students can’t request a gap year simply because they don’t want to do remote learning.