New app from Philly offers sports betting with a social media twist

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — It's a social network for sports bettors. That's the premise of a new app that originated here in Philadelphia.

"We truly believe Philly is poised to take over as the gaming capital of the United States," said Andrew Wolfington, who with his partners, who are all from the Delaware Valley, created "Vig It."

"'Vig It' is the first sports betting social network designed for today's modern sports fan," he declared.

Wolfington said you don't just place your bet on the app and call it a day. "Vig It" gives you other options.

"The ability to follow your friends, the ablity to post articles, podcast videos, follow industry insiders just like you would on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter," he described. "Endless feeds that are populated with betting trends, analytics."

There's also a brand new team trends option.

"So we'll be able to say the 76ers are 3-0 against the spread in their last games. Do you think they'll be able to keep it up against the New York Knicks? Then we'll have on that same feed card displaying the two team's performance against the spread over their last five games."

Wolfington even compared the app to Expedia and Kayak, saying it could do for betting what those do for travel. "If you're sitting there and you're betting on the Eagles/Giants game," he explained, "and you say, 'Hey I want to take the Eagles,' our algorithm will give you the different lines."

He says you can follow people you don't even know and see their success rate too, to decide if you should mimic their moves, or maybe go the opposite direction.