New black market emerges as need for masks, testing kits grow

“And it included a lot of things such as counterfeit N95 respirator masks, pharmaceuticals that could potentially help people recover from coronavirus and other things like testing kits and lanyards,” Sapp said. 

Sapp says they know but can’t say where the products were being shipped because the investigation is ongoing, but he says the contraband was coming from all over the world. 

“We’ve seen parcels coming in from China, Hong Kong, obviously because they’re the two leading places that manufacture counterfeit goods. But we’ve also seen them come in from South Korea, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Nigeria, Senegal and the U.K. And they were going to places mostly here in the Mid-Atlantic region except for Florida,” he explained.

He says it’s the typical story of people and organizations trying to make a buck off a crisis, but in this case, people on the receiving end could be endangering their health by using those counterfeit or unapproved products.