New device could treat your child's ADHD without medication

Photo credit Motortion/Getty Images
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The FDA recently approved the first medical device to treat ADHD in children, but a Children's Hospital of Philadelphia physician suggests giving the equipment more study.

The device is worn on the forehead at night and delivers a mild electrical nerve stimulation designed to improve focus in kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

Dr. Nathan Blum, chief of the division of developmental and behavioral pediatrics at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, says the clinical trial of the equipment was small, so he would like to see further study before recommending it to patients.

"For some families where medication or behavioral treatments are not possible, it's something one could consider. But I think in most cases, we would use medication or recommend medication and behavioral treatments before trying this. I still view this as an experimental treatment," Blum said. 

He says it costs about a $1,000 for the nerve stimulator and insurance won't pick up the tab.