New Jersey sees rise in coronavirus transmission rate


"This means an increasing rate of spread statewide. This is an early warning sign that, quite frankly, we need to do more,” Murphy said. 

One thing he's considering is following Pennsylvania's lead in requiring a mask for anyone who leaves the house.

"We're looking at outside masking as we speak,” he said. 

At his coronavirus briefing, Murphy said the state knew there could be an increase in cases after moving into Stage Two of reopening, but he didn't count on flare ups in the rest of the country.

"We knew we were taking some amount of risk reopening. But there's a further element of risk associated with hotspots that we weren't planning on a month ago,” Murphy said. 

So, Murphy said, it's likely the state will not be letting up on more restrictions anytime soon.

Twenty more people have died from the virus, putting New Jersey's total death toll at 13,373. With 216 new cases, the total of coronavirus cases in the state since March 4 is 173,611 cases.