Pennsylvania lawmakers eye fix for potential delay of election results

HARRISBURG, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — Pennsylvania lawmakers are looking at ways to fix a potential ballot-counting logjam on election night caused by recent changes to state voting law. 

In addition to absentee ballot voting, Pennsylvanians can now vote by mail for any reason. But current election law says those absentee and mail ballots cannot be counted until polls close on election night, raising concerns among some that the outcome of races might not be known on election night as officials plow through thousands of still-to-be-counted ballots. 

Mike Straub, spokesman for the House Republican majority leader, says lawmakers have heard the concerns of county election officials.

"They’re asking for maybe some additional leeway in terms of opening the ballots ahead of time, potentially counting them ahead of time. And we’re engaged in those discussions," Straub said. 

Straub says the goal is to find a "best practice solution" to the problem. But he says agreement on that solution may not come in time to be enacted before the April 28 primary.