Philadelphia’s homicide rate reaches 100 victims — the highest in more than a decade

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)  Philadelphia's murder rate is the highest in 13 years with 100 victims of homicide as of Saturday morning, and the city's top cop says even with the pandemic, gun violence continues to also plague communities. But she says everything is now in place to implement her plan.

Overall crime is down, which might have been helped by citizens being hunkered down across the city, but the murder rate still hangs between 10% and 15% from last year's record breaking year — the highest in more than a decade. 

Commissioner Danielle Outlaw says she now has top commanders in place to zero in on curbing the violence.

“Having stability and having a deputy commissioner over operations to carry the strategy that is in my brain, that can now be implemented and driven by a person I think is helpful,” she said. 

Though not getting into too many specifics about the plan, she says the line of data-driven communication between entities is key.

“Obviously there has to be a lot of collaboration amongst how we charge cases, and consequences — we talked about this before — and then making sure there are proportionate consequences once we make an arrest,” Outlaw added.

Outlaw notes that the pandemic doesn't seem to be slowing the shootings, but remains optimistic that her plan now in place will work. 

“I am hoping to be able to get ahead of this before the weather gets a lot nicer than what it has been,” she said.