2 Philly City Councilmembers, 2 unsuccessful candidates settle campaign finance violations

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philadelphia's Board of Ethics has reached settlements for campaign finance violations with four City Council candidates, two of whom were re-elected.

They were small cases but there were a lot of them, and the board is serious about its role as campaign finance watchdog.

In one, Councilmember Allan Domb collected $11,000 in excess contributions while running for reelection. He's agreed to turn that amount over to the city, along with a $9,000 fine for the violation.

In another, Councilmember Cindy Bass neglected to report $16,000 in expenditures, mostly small payments over the course of last year. She'll pay a $2,000 fine.

Nicolas O'Rourke, who ran unsuccessfully on the Working Families ticket in the general election, will pay $1,000 for failing to report a contribution from a labor PAC. 

And Judy Moore, who challenged Brian O'Neill for the 10th District seat, failed to report a debt to her political consultant. That'll cost her $3,500. 

A spokesperson for Domb explained in an emailed statement that "as the campaign transitioned to a new outside financial reporting team during last year's elections, a series of errors were made by the outside team and above-the-limits contributions were accepted. This is the first time that there has been an issue with his fundraising."