Old City restaurant staff put together 62-page manual of hygiene protocols

Cuba Libre hygiene manual
Photo credit Hadas Kuznits/KYW Newsradio

“And what we ended up with is a 62-page manual for our managers on how to reopen the restaurant,” he said. 

He said hosts are now the first line of defense for health, making sure people are wearing masks and don't have a temperature, and there's a certain protocol as to how to ensure guests follow the health precautions.

"Because we're still in the hospitality business and we have to greet people warmly,” he said. 

Gutin said they have hired additional cleaning staff.

"We're using a team of 'disinfectadores,' which is a disinfector, and they're wearing lab coats and they're the ones going around and spraying all the frequently touched surfaces and also the tables. And when they're done, they put a sign up that says ‘sanitized for you.’ " he added. 

Gutin said new coronavirus-era precautions, such as viewing menus on your own device, could soon become commonplace.