PSPCA donates pet food to owners in need during pandemic

PSPCA donations
Photo credit PSPCA
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The Pennsylvania SPCA is helping families feed their pets during the coronavirus crisis. 

Volunteers loaded more than 1,000 pounds of pet food onto a truck at PSPCA’s North Philadelphia headquarters and delivered it to the nearby Walker Junior Unity Center, where those in need will be able pick up bags of cat and dog food.

Mandy Hood, PSPCA community outreach manager, said the need for pet food has surged.

“We are working hard in two folds,” she said. “It's working to get resources to the families that we have always worked with, that have lived in communities that have traditionally and constantly been under-resourced. Aand it’s also just trying to make resources available and accessible to as many families that are struggling through this crisis now. 

“The need has just grown — tripled, if not more.”

The outreach is an ongoing effort to help residents keep their pets happy and healthy — and at home.

PetSmart Charities also awarded PSPCA a $10,000 grant to continue assisting pet families in need across the region during the pandemic. 

“We really have to have a plan moving forward to make sure that we don't just respond to the scariest time of the crisis, but that we have a plan to make sure that everyone survives and thrives far beyond,” she added.

The PSPCA also set up an Amazon Wish List, where people can buy bags of pet food to donate to the cause.