South Jersey nuclear plant ready to refuel while following virus containment rules

LOWER ALLOWAYS CREEK, N.J. (KYW Newsradio) — The Limerick nuclear plant in Montgomery County isn’t the only one in our region being refueled as we proceed through the COVID-19 pandemic. Another plant in rural South Jersey is about to go through the same procedure.

The Salem Two plant in Lower Alloways Creek will be shutting down for a few weeks, a procedure repeated every year and a half. But it’s never been done in the middle of a worldwide virus outbreak.

“We’ve put markings on the floor to make sure people have their own spaces,” Carr added. “We’ve brought in tents to expand our capacity. We’ve also brought in a number of trailers and temporary spaces so that we can spread out that we need at the site to make sure that we maintain our social distancing.”

Salem County officials say they’re in almost daily contact with plant managers, including Carr, to ensure all rules, including the new ones, are followed. And so far there have been no problems.