Elkins Park university gets grant to continue speech therapy program with Parkinson’s patients

“If you talk to a person with Parkinson’s disease, they are frequently frustrated with their communication. They think they are getting their message out but their partner will say to them, I didn’t hear you or I didn’t understand you. Because, they are really not pronouncing the words very succinctly. So, Speak Out helps train them to use their muscles and their breathing to speak clearer,” Serianni explained. 

The grant will be used for training and for the Speak Out program, which offers patients one-on-one therapy sessions with a speech pathologist. 

Because of the pandemic, the sessions will all be done online, which Serianni said can be an issue. 

“Occasionally, the patient doesn’t have all the steps in place to remote in. The university clinic where we work is pretty technology heavy to begin with. So, we have some pretty good equipment at our hands and it’s just a matter of making sure the client has something on their end,” he said.