State orders Sunoco to reroute Mariner East II pipeline

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is ordering Sunoco’s Mariner East II pipeline be rerouted around Marsh Creek State Park. 

The administrative order comes on the heels of last month’s leak, where more than 8,000 gallons of drilling fluid seeped in and around Marsh Creek Lake in Chester County, in addition to an 8-by-15-foot sinkhole.

According to the DEP, Sunoco previously said rerouting the pipeline would be feasible.

Any work on the pipeline in the area, other than cleanup or stabilization, remains suspended.

The order says cleanup and assessment of the impact to the lake is ongoing, and a 33-acre section of the lake remains closed to boating and fishing due to the presence of drilling fluids on the bottom of the lake.

The order states Sunoco has 30 days to explain what happened while also addressing and repairing any impacts to the lake, aquatic life and habitats to a condition equal or better than what was there before.

It also has 30 days to appeal the order, which would then go before the state Environmental Hearing Board.