Temple University poll finds half want to wait a bit to travel post-pandemic

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — As more restrictions are lifted, people are thinking about traveling again, though their destinations are more limited than trips pre-coronavirus.

In May, the Temple University School of Sport, Hospitality and Tourism Management, in conjunction with Temple’s U.S.-Asia Center for Tourism and Hospitality Research, polled about 900 people on whether they plan to travel after the pandemic. 

Assistant professor Dr. Laurie Wu said quarantining and sheltering in place has already made an impact in the long run: Almost half responded to the survey that they want to wait a bit before traveling again.

“They indicated that maybe three to six, or six to 12 months after the stay-at-home order is lifted, they are willing to take on a vacation,” she said.

However, respondents said that vacation would not be too far from home — especially not internationally. Less than 10% of respondents voiced interest in international leisure. 

Domestic trips scored high, nearly 50%, as did local destinations, about 40%. But according to the survey, urban centers with dense populations — like Washington, D.C., New York City, even Philadelphia — ranked low.

“People are becoming more concerned and less interested to travel to these destinations,” Wu added.

The survey also found that 71% said they were most concerned about contracting COVID-19 while traveling. Still, Wu said one of the main reasons people want to travel is quite basic.

“People are interested to take the vacation because it helps them,” she said, it “kind of provides a healing function.”