Tow truck drivers gather to donate toys to community kids

The Tows for Tots drivers, including Charles Norton, who organized the donation effort.
Photo credit Hadas Kuznits/KYW Newsradio
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Area tow truck drivers showed their softer side, as over two dozen of them gathered to give back to kids in the community this holiday season.

For 12 years now, Charles Norton, owner of Norton’s Tow Squad, has rallied all his tow truck driver friends and encouraged them to buy gifts which they deliver to Youth Service Inc. He said tow truck drivers get a bad rap but events like Tows For Tots help their reputation:

“There are obstacles not of their doing where circumstances were created where they just could not stay connected to family,” she said, “and so we do whatever we can to make sure that especially during this high emotional season that they have some happiness.”

Since partnering with Tows for Tots, Bailey shared they were able to provide at least one present for each child in their program. She said they’ve come to rely on these tow truck drivers over the years who liters bring truck loads of gifts for the YSI kids.

“During this particular time which is at the end of the month, you know, when your income may be exhausted,” she said, “it’s a huge boost to a family to see that there are so many people being kind.”