With lessons moved online, Philadelphia art teachers get resourceful

Art teacher Leslie Grace teaches classes from her home during the pandemic.
Photo credit Courtesy of Leslie Grace
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)  As the COVID-19 pandemic pushes educators online, art teachers are finding particular challenges.

Leslie Grace is improvising. Knowing that her students watching online probably don't have supplies at home, the Nebinger Elementary School art teacher is using household items. 

In the first week school was closed, she made origami cranes using magazine paper.

"The following week, all of our lessons were based on salt, flour and water. So we made papier-mache, we made clay dough and we made paint,” she said. 

At Moore College of Art and Design, illustration instructor Rich Harrington would normally supervise his students' sketches in person. Now, it's through a software.

"We have a screen share option and then we also have a place where we can capture the image, and I can take it into Photoshop or some other platform and make some changes while they watch. And then relinquish control of the screen back to them and they can show me what they're thinking of,” Harrington said.