Check the expiration date on your SEPTA Key now — 40,000 cards soon won't work

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — If you were among the first to get a SEPTA Key fare card three years ago, that card won't work after Wednesday.  

SEPTA Key cards expire after three years, and that means the first batch issued in 2016 are about to become useless.

"If you look at your card and you see 'GOOD THRU 7/19,' then you know that you're one of the ones out of that group that your card is going to expire," explained SEPTA spokeswoman Carla Showell-Lee.

If you've procrastinated to deal with your expiring card until now, you still have a few options:

  • Use up the funds in your expiring card and get a new one.  
  • Go to one of nine SEPTA sales locations and have your remaining travel wallet balance transferred to a new card.
  • Transfer your remaining funds by phone at 855-567-3782.

Unfortunately, one thing you can't do is transfer funds to a new card online. 

Rider Lex Antonucci from South Philly hit the lunchtime rush at SEPTA's headquarters the day before his card expired, alongside plenty of other commuters transferring their balances.

"It's kind of annoying," he said. "I'd rather just have the same card. It just makes it easier. It's something I don't really think about. I don't even take it out of my wallet."

About 40,000 SEPTA Key cards were issued in that first round three years ago. Showell-Lee said only a small fraction of those 40,000 have renewed their cards.