St. Mary Opens a New Health Care Facility in Bucks County

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You can get the convenience of an urgent care, the expertise of a specialist and still enjoy the comfort of your primary care physician's office. St. Mary Health Feasterville at 178 West Street Road has all this and more, all in one place. Kim Sudac, Vice President of Practice Operations for Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic Physician Group, says three primary care practices have moved into this 14,000 square foot facility. She says it's designed to make life easier for patients, because you can make an appointment or just walk in for service with night and weekend hours. 

In addition to primary care doctors, there are also physicians on site specializing in orthopedic, obstetrics, urology, diabetes and cardiology. She says that's an advantage because if a problem arises during a regular appointment, your doctor can simply walk across the hall to speak with a specialist. If there's time, the specialist could see the patient then, or offer advice on the best course of action. If an appointment is needed, the staff can easily do that, saving the patient time and aggravation.

St. Mary Health Feasterville is also expected to save critical health care dollars. The services and expensive diagnostic tests normally normally only available in a hospital setting can now be obtained in this walk-in location. Sudac adds, that when services are delivered away from the hospital setting, the cost to the patient and the insurance company are reduced through lower bills and smaller co-pays.​