How to get the coronavirus vaccine in:


Find out if you are currently eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by taking Pennsylvania’s vaccine eligibility quiz. If you are deemed eligible, use the state’s map of vaccine providers to find a provider near you, then call to set up an appointment.

One good place to start is a Facebook page called PA COVID Vaccine Match Maker.

Pennsylvania has a website called Your Turn, which will notify you when you are eligible. Registering with Your Turn does not sign you up for an appointment.

The Pennsylvania Department of health has information on how to prepare for your appointment. Other questions? Call the PA Health Hotline at 877-724-3258. Or call your county's health department, or visit your county’s website:
Bucks County, 800-383-0371
Chester County, 610-344-6225
Delaware County, 484-276-2100
Montgomery County, 833-875-3967


Philadelphia receives its doses directly from the federal government, and its allotment is a separate jurisdiction from the rest of the state.

To register in Philadelphia, fill out the COVID-19 vaccine interest form. The form asks some questions to determine when you would be able to receive the vaccine. Your information will be kept confidential and will only be used so the city can reach out to you about how to register in the near future.

For general information about the vaccine in Philadelphia, click here.


If you are eligible to receive a vaccine, you can make an appointment directly with a vaccination site, or pre-register on the NJ Vaccine Scheduling System. You will be notified when an appointment is available.

For questions, call the vaccination hotline at 1-855-568-0545 or provide feedback online. For general information in New Jersey regarding the vaccine — like who is currently eligible — click here.


Delaware is only accepting people who are currently eligible, which can be found here. If you are eligible, you have three options to make a vaccine appointment: at a pharmacy, through your doctor, or at a state-run vaccination event.

Contact a provider near you to make an appointment. Register for a vaccination event here. All vaccinations are by appointment only.


States and their respective counties may differ in current vaccine eligibility and distribution phases. Visit your state or county’s website for specific details.

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