Florida Man Fatally Shoots Burger King Employee Because Food Order 'Took Too Long'


A Florida man fatally shoots a Burger King employee because his woman’s order took too long.

Deputies with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office says it happened Saturday about 7:30 p.m. at a Burger King in the 7000 block of E. Colonial Drive near Orlando Florida.

Deputies there say a woman who was in line at the drive-thru was upset her food order was taking too long. They say she got out of her vehicle and threatened the employee, Desmond Joshua, 22, saying she will have “her man,” Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes, 37, come to the restaurant. The employee refunded the woman her $40 for the meal.

Witnesses told police the woman then got into her SUV and drove off but returned sometime later with Rodriquez-Tormes.

Deputies say surveillance video captured a physical altercation between Joshua and Tormes. A police affidavit says witnesses attempted to stop Rodriquez-Tormes who chocking Joshua in a headlock. After witnesses broke up the fight they told deputies Rodriquez-Tormes got a gun from his truck and shot Joshua in the parking lot then fled in his truck.

Investigators say Joshua had started his job at that Burger King just a few days earlier.

Rodriquez-Tormes was arrested and booked with first-degree murder, destruction of evidence and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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