Even a Super Bowl can't come between this Eagles fan and her Chiefs fan husband

Donna and Ed Morris, our Fans of the Week, may root for opposite teams, but at the end of the day, it's all love
Donna and Ed Morris
Donna Morris of Elkins Park is an Eagles fan. Her husband Ed is a Chiefs fan. They're in an interesting spot right now. Photo credit Donna Morris

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PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — It’s a household divided, yet full of love.

Donna and Ed Morris of Elkins Park have much to celebrate with Super Bowl LVII approaching. Donna adores her beloved Eagles and Ed is a lifelong fan of the Chiefs. The couple, married for 17 years and together for over 20 years, have been supportive of one another’s fandom since the beginning.

“I'll support him,” Donna said with a laugh, “because they're an AFC team and the Eagles are an NFC team … until we get to this point in the playoffs.”

“And vice versa,” Ed said, as Donna continued to laugh in the background.

Both grew up in the area. Donna became an Eagles fan because she had family who played football at a high level, and one of her cousins — Billy Joe — was on Dick Vermeil’s staff in 1979 and 1980, the latter season featuring an NFC Championship and trip to Super Bowl XV. Joe was Wilbert Montgomery’s running backs coach when Montgomery rushed for 194 yards at Veterans Stadium against the Cowboys to win the conference. Donna was in attendance at the game and many others.

Eagles fandom is, “just embedded in our blood,” Donna, a 62-year-old tech lead for Johnson & Johnson, said of her family.

Ed, a 70-year-old retired IT manager who works part-time in technology, became a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs in the 1960s as they became known as a pioneer for racial equality on the roster. Ed became a fan of Willie Lanier, Mike Garrett, Emmitt Thomas, Otis Taylor and Len Dawson.

“It’s been 'Go Chiefs' ever since,” Ed said.

Super Bowl LVII is the first time in history that a Super Bowl has two Black starting quarterbacks with the Eagles' Jalen Hurts and Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes. In addition to the historical significance, there are also many other cool storylines to this Super Bowl. The Eagles and Chiefs have many connections — from Andy Reid coaching both teams. Same goes for Dick Vermeil. And of course, the Kelce brothers.

Wouldn’t you know it — Jason’s and Travis’ parents are named Donna and Ed — just like the Morrises.

“That’s pretty cool,” Donna said.

“That must mean that the father must be pulling for Travis,” Ed said playfully.

It will only be the 10th time these franchises face one another — ever. They’ve played nine times since 1972 and six since 2001. From 1973 through 1991, they did not face one another. And even in today’s schedule format and rotation, NFC teams don’t play AFC teams often. That allows Donna and Ed to support each other more often than not.

“[Donna’s] definitely dedicated and I respect that. I support her for everything with the Eagles, again, until they play the Chiefs.”

“He buys me Eagles stuff,” Donna jumped in.

In fact, Ed says it cost him “an arm and a leg” when the Eagles won Super Bowl LII – their first in franchise history.

Donna appreciates that Ed has been dedicated to his team since the '60s, pointing out he’s often wearing something related to the Chiefs. Sometimes Donna has to remind him that Chiefs gear isn’t appropriate for certain functions, but he remains steadfast – all the way to his Chiefs pajamas.

In fact, she is so supportive of her husband, that Donna has sometimes worn Chiefs gear herself when they’ve gone to one of their games. Ed, on the other hand, can’t fathom putting on Eagles green out of superstition.

Ed and Donna Morris at a Chiefs game, both wearing Chiefs gear.
Donna Morris is so supportive of her husband, Chiefs fan Ed, that sometimes she'll wear Chiefs gear at one of their games. Photo credit Provided by Donna Morris

No matter. With this big showdown approaching, neither will consider donning memorabilia of the opponent. The stakes are too high. It’s stakes Donna invites.

“Believe it or not, I was really hoping for it,” she said. “I wanted a Chiefs-Eagles Super Bowl. I was really not so optimistic that it was gonna happen. It didn't know that both of them would actually make it that far. Of course, I was thrilled. I mean I knew the Eagles would. I didn't know about the Chiefs coming up against [Bengals quarterback Joe] Burrow. But I was excited once they won and they clinched it with that field goal.”

Ed says Donna is looking forward to having bragging rights.

They said they'll be watching the game at a Super Bowl party with family. Ed will be the only Chiefs fan. Naturally, he’s predicting a Chiefs win while Donna is going with the Eagles. Both think it is going to be a close, good, competitive game. Both recognize the Eagles talent — but also showed respect to Reid’s coaching.

It’s all in good fun though. It’s the perfect Super Bowl matchup for the Morrises.

“[If the] Eagles win, I’ll be happy for my wife and the whole city of Philadelphia.”

NBC10’s Leah Uko contributed to this story by putting us in touch with Donna and Ed Morris.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Donna Morris