How a Philadelphia sports fan gets creative for the love of his favorite teams

Glenn Laveson.
Glenn Laveson. Photo credit Glenn Laveson

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Some Philadelphia sports fans express their thoughts by calling into talk radio. Some emote in positive or negative ways as spectators at the games. Glenn Laveson, 62, of Somerton in Northeast Philadelphia writes poetry.

“I was watching a little TV, then I had this spark in my head, sat down at my desk and I'm like, ‘Oh my God, I’m getting creative.’”

Laveson is a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan who remembers his father taking him to The Vet back in the day to watch Steve Carlton pitch. That helped Laveson get hooked to these teams — particularly, the Phillies. He considers himself a positive fan, and one who doesn’t believe the game is over until it is officially over. There’s always a chance for a comeback.

He doesn’t write poems often. In fact, he indicated that over the years he’s only done about 15 topics — and not all of them are about sports. But when he does write Philadelphia sports poems, he carefully thinks of the words. Over the summer, Laveson sent KYW Newsradio 103.9 FM one of his latest poems — his thoughts on the Philadelphia sports scene:


If you live in Philly there is always something to talk about with one of our teams, because every fan has an opinion it seems.

Joel Embid from the 76ers was voted MVP for his hustle, effort and talent this year, Embid runs, dunks and has NO fear.

Tyrese Maxey is a rising star, his athleticism and talent will take him far.

Both Harris and Harden have been trade news, and during the playoffs have gotten their share of boo’s.

The 76ers new coach Nick Nurse knows the NBA and what it takes to win big games and is looking to add a few key names.

The Flyers are trading a few players and starting from scratch, it looks like Danny Briere and Keith Jones are a good match.

Gritty their mascot is one fun dude, and when the puck goes in the net all the fans are in a good mood.

The Eagles are a favorite to win, and if you donate to their Autism charity they will send you a sterling silver Eagles pin.

Kelce and Hurts are two of the best, during the year they do charity work and help with community events – they don’t get much rest.

Phillies fans are coming out to the game, win or lose every night is never the same.

Castellanos is getting on base, he is becoming as popular as Chase.

Castellanos has a mate. It looks like he found his groove at home plate.

Suarez is our pitching ace. He throws a fastball by the batter’s face.

Harper, Bohm and Schwarber need to pick up the pace, if the Phillies hope to play for the MLB Wild Card Race.

Remember to have some fun and give a cheer, when your favorite team is champion – it’s ok to shed a tear.

This poem wasn’t something that was planned for. It just happened — Laveson referred to it as a spark. There was no outline. Nothing like that. All he did was take out his notepad and start jotting things down.

“I always start handwriting,” he says. “I’m kind of an old fashioned guy. I start with my legal pads here.”

The words will go on pieces of paper before they head to the computer. The one requirement Laveson appears to have for himself is the poems have to rhyme at the end of sentences. He recognizes that is not a prerequisite for all poems. It’s just the way he does things.

Rob Weissman is a long time friend of Laveson’s from their days at Temple University’s Ambler campus together. Weissman complimented Laveson’s enthusiasm and attitude towards sports.

“He enjoys the excitement of the games,” said Weissman. “While he himself is not the most athletic person, he loves the idea of it I think and he likes supporting the Philadelphia sports scene … He loves the feel of being at the stadiums and seeing something live.”

As far as his poetry, Weissman called it unique and gave Laveson credit for putting them together.

“I do read a lot of them,” Weissman said, “and I think it’s just the concept of his belief of what he sees and how he feels when you go to a game or being part of the scene whether it’s at the game, whether it’s just watching it on TV and cheering and yelling at your television or whether it’s just being part of that feel that you get when you’re at a live game.”

Laveson enjoys reading them, too, after he writes them. When he read “The Sports Scene” out loud for KYW, he said he got excited and grew more passionate.

Sometimes Laveson will post his poems on his Facebook page.

When asked what his family thinks of his poems, he said his family is just himself and his brother, as his parents aren’t around anymore. But, he believes his father — who got him hooked to Philadelphia sports — and mother would like the poems.

“She would love it,” Laveson said of his mom. “She would encourage me to do more of the writing to be creative and have fun with it … I think they would enjoy it. And I write it to be a good, fair, fun fan. That’s how I was raised.”

Laveson’s words are kind and clever. When he wrote his summer 2023 poem, they were topical — fittingly — to the Philadelphia sports scene at that time. Today, some of those words still certainly are.

So what’s his message to Philadelphia sports fans?

“I want people to become fans,” Laveson said. “There’s highs and lows to every game, every team. Root for whatever team you’re going to root for. Hopefully you live here and you root for most of our Philadelphia teams — the Flyers, the Phillies, the Eagles, the Sixers. God forbid you sneak in another team, that’s okay. Root for them. Follow them. Get excited. It adds more to our daily lives.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Glenn Laveson