Frontier Airlines stands with crew who duct-taped handsy, violent passenger to his seat

Airlines are looking at ways of curbing booze-fueled violence on flights.

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Frontier Airlines is now expressing full support of the crew that duct-taped an Ohio man to his seat on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami late Saturday night. Police say the passenger groped two flight attendants and punched another.

The flight attendants had been placed on leave per airline protocol, but Frontier is now saying the crew involved will not lose out on any paychecks, and that the incident is still under investigation.

Another passenger captured some of the kerfuffle on cell phone video.

Police say drunk 22-year-old Maxwell Barry of Norwalk, Ohio, is charged with three counts of battery.

They say Barry got two drinks on the plane then walked around shirtless after spilling a third drink on himself. They say he argued with passengers and cursed out loud, groped two female flight attendants, and punched a male flight attendant who tried to calm him.

Cell phone video that went viral shows the crew and some passengers subduing Barry with a seat belt extender and duct tape to keep him in his seat for the rest of the trip.