Be prepared to pay more for your Christmas tree this year

Supply chain issues are driving up the prices
People buying Christmas trees
Christmas tree prices are higher this year, but that's not stopping customers from buying premium trees in Philadelphia. Photo credit John McDevitt/KYW Newsradio

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — It’s Black Friday, but you won’t find any deals on real Christmas trees this year.

From supply chain issues to climate change to high transportation costs, tree prices have increased compared to last year. Despite the bigger price tags, there is still a high demand for premium trees.

“Our prices went out the roof this year — believe me when I tell ya — but everybody has to deal with it,” said Rocky of Rocky Yo-Mo’s Christmas Trees, at the corner of Washington Avenue and Front Street in South Philadelphia.

He said a tree last year went for about $85. Now, they are up to $125 each.

“With the gas prices unbelievable, freight, you know, all of that comes together,” he explained.

At D&D’s Christmas Trees at Fourth Street and Washington Avenue, prices are up about $15 or $20 more than last year. That didn’t stop one shopper from buying one for $110.

Tree seller Geno says there is a shortage, and he advises people to buy now rather than later while there is still a good selection.

“Frasers are usually our bestsellers,” he said. “It’s a more pricey one. I mean, it doesn’t shed as much in your house. If you have kids or if you have pets, it’s the perfect tree to go for. It’s smaller, it’s not as big, but it looks nicer.”

Expensive or not, you’ll need to keep it alive for the next month or more. Rocky shared his two cents.

“After we give it a fresh cut and all — that’s how it drinks water, it helps it get healthy and strong,” he said, “[add] a little eggshell in the water [mixture]. The chemical from the eggshell helps the tree get healthy and stronger.”

Geno has a different method.

“A lot of people laugh at me when I say this, but put two baby aspirins in [the tree’s water], and just like you have a headache, it works, and it will last that tree until New Year’s — and if not, I will pay for it.”