COVID-19 children's books hit shelves this holiday season


This year's stocking stuffers will include children's books with coronavirus themes, and a couple of them come from a pair of Philadelphia natives.

The storyline and illustrations of author AH Edelman's "Santa in a Snow Globe" reflect our strange new world.

"Twas the week before Christmas and all through the store, the lights gently glimmered like knobs on a door. Most people wore masks and stood six feet apart but it was the week before Christmas so they did it with heart," the story reads.

In Edelman's story, a department store Santa is self-quarantined in the globe to keep himself and the kids safe. But COVID-19 isn't the only threat here. Edelman said the book also gives children a primer on issues including climate change, wildfires and consumerism.

"It's about a lot of social issues but it's wrapped up in a very hopeful, beautifully illustrated Christmas story," she said.

Meanwhile, first-time author Michele Conway wrote "Quinton's Quarantine" with Mary Lou Hall.

"Quinton is this little boy who all of a sudden is told he can't go to school and will be isolated at home," described Conway.

She said they wanted to give an interactive experience for kids ages 3-8.

"It is a story coloring book. We included a glossary to help children learn new definitions of words. And that way, they can interact with children and adults and they feel like they're part of the solution," she explained.

The books are part of a wave of COVID-19-related reading material for kids this holiday season.