Burger Time in Audubon is a latchkey kid’s dream

‘Crazy concoctions,’ outrageous toppings fulfill ’90s nostalgia

AUDUBON, N.J. (KYW Newsradio) Burger Time quietly opens this weekend in Audubon, New Jersey, ahead of its official Feb. 1 grand opening.

The restaurant, located at 123 W. Merchant St., has a bit of an eccentric side.

“It is based around NES 8-bit video games,” said owner Dane DeMarco. “I wanted to tie in bright colors and arcade fonts and bright ’90s nostalgia, throwback things like that.”

The restaurant’s signature is over-the-top toppings — the makings of a true latchkey kid.

“Donut buns and Ellio’s pizzas and crazy concoctions that no rules apply or anything goes.”

Enter: the “Paskettio” hot dog.

“We’re using Sabrett all-natural beef hot dogs, split-top rolls, topping it off with housemade SpaghettiOs,” he said.

And, Burger Time is also vegan-friendly.

“Right now, I’d say about 90% of the menu is vegetarian. About 75% of it can be made fully vegan. If you eat meat and your friend doesn’t, you guys can both come here and have a really awesome meal.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Hadas/Kuznits