Holocaust survivors teach Philadelphia youth about 'consequences of hate'

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philadelphia-area youth are learning about the horrors of hate through the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center in Elkins Park.

The museum is doing it one story at a time, offering many stories from Holocaust survivors.

"Our mission is to educate as many young people as we can about the consequences of hate," said Holocaust Awareness Museum President Chuck Feldman.

"There are many [Holocaust survivors] who are still with us, [who] go out and tell their story to the young people," he added.

"Over the last 12 years, our heroic survivors have reached over 300,000 young people sharing their story, again showing what the consequences of hate are."

He explained that he wants to arm the next generations to come, to prevent a repeat of the past.

"The consequences of hate, and of course that led to the Holocaust," Feldman reminded, sharing how the education center offers firsthand testimony from survivors.

"Tell them what happened, and why hatred should not exist."

Feldman said personalizing the Holocaust is the best way to fight against racism, and his hope is that youth will learn more than just facts, but also compassion.

"Our continued mission to reach as many young people as possible so that when they see hate, they confront it against any group," Feldman said.

All in an effort to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself.

Click here for more on the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center.

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