'I was drinking all day': A mother on battling addiction, how she found sobriety

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — An Allentown-area woman is candidly discussing her struggle with addiction, in the hope of helping others.

New Tripoli resident Amy McGowan said she had several periods of sobriety throughout her adult life. "My first attempt at sobriety was way back in December 2014," she shared.

"I had seven years where I just was not drinking at all. I really didn't know what addiction was. I just realized my drinking became problematic, so I just stopped cold."

For McGowan, life stressors became too much for her. "I decided, 'Oh, I'll have a glass of wine with the moms in the neighborhood,' or 'I'll just have a drink when I go out to dinner.' Within two months, I was drinking a fifth of Captain Morgan a day."

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That December, she began going to treatment. "The first two treatment centers were back to back. My family encouraged me with ultimatums, so I went. I would get some sobriety and then I would relapse. I would get some more sobriety and then I would relapse."

As a mother, McGowan felt a responsibili