KYW Medical Report: Volunteering helps with cognitive impairment, studies say

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — As a growing number of the baby boomer generation approach retirement, they are starting to look at what to do with their time.

One of the keys to staying healthy is feeling emotionally fulfilled.

Members of this generation have been the subject of mass marketing and advertising efforts from the time they were children because of their buying power. Not surprisingly, they have been hit on the medical front with everything from following cholesterol levels to reducing trans fats in the diet — all good advice, but usually with money to be made somewhere along the way.

However, one bit of health advice is rarely mentioned: the value of volunteering time. Several studies have shown that volunteering reduces feelings of depression and anxiety.

One recent study — which included more than 13,000 people 50 and older — found outreach helps with cognitive impairment.