Medical Report: Is Friday the 13th bad for your health?

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Most, if not all, cultures have so-called spiritual numbers. In Western cultures, the number 12 is associated with everything from months of the year to the tribes of Israel. Yet, for some reason, people of all sorts have avoided the number 13 going back to the Code of Hammurabi (which did not include a 13th among its 282 laws).

So, is this a bad day from a health standpoint?

A 1993 study in the British Medical Journal compared hospital admissions from car accidents on Fridays that fell on the sixth day of the month to those from Fridays that fell on the 13th of the month. They found a 52% from the sixth to the 13th.

A 2002 study suggested that the increase in auto accidents could be because of an increased anxiety about the concept of Friday the 13th. Neither study is statistically significant, but the research was fun.

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