Pa. House passes resolution ordering audit of election

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The Pennsylvania House passed a resolution ordering an audit of the election. Republicans say it should be reassuring, while Democrats say it’s redundant, a waste of money, and potentially damaging to democracy.

“There is no need to fear this audit. I welcome it, we all should welcome it. To find out what went right and what went wrong,” said prime sponsor of the bill, Republican state Rep. Jesse Topper.

The Legislative Budget and Finance Committee will be in charge of the audit due by February.

Supporters of the audit say it will help cut through the confusion surrounding new voting machines and the new no-excuse mail-in ballots.

But Democrats, like Philadelphia state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, question the motives and the timing.

“We are doing an incredibly dangerous thing with these continued lawsuits, these continued resolutions, bills, that are sowing the confusion this resolution is apparently opposed to,” Kenyatta said.

House Democrats argued unsuccessfully it’s unconstitutional to pass this by a resolution rather than a bill, since that means it does not go to the state Senate nor does it need the governor’s approval.

Gov. Tom Wolf said counties are required to audit elections by law, and in many counties, that process is already underway.

He added, “House Republicans are effectively interfering in what should be handled by non-partisan elections workers.”