Bucks County officials discuss how to deal with businesses defying COVID-19 orders

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Bucks County officials say the county can’t directly enforce COVID-19 restrictions on restaurants and gyms. But they urge residents to call their local police department if they’re concerned about a bar or restaurant defying the order.

Bucks County Commissioner Diane Marseglia said she’s been asked so many times why the county isn’t policing gyms and restaurants that she asked the Wolf administration for clarification.

“And we received their response, yesterday, and it was very clear that it is local law enforcement as well as the state police that need to respond. So if you have a concern about a gym or some place that is open in your neighborhood, you need to call your local police and they have the opportunity to come and help you out with that,” she explained.

Marseglia acknowledges it’s a challenge to issue orders that cover such a diverse state as Pennsylvania. She said she would prefer more local control, but everyone is in this together.

“Whether or not you’re seeing it in your gym, it doesn’t matter. We have to fight this all together, and few gyms can’t just decide they’re going to do it their own way and make everyone else carry the weight,” Marseglia said.

Dr. Gerald Wydro, chair of emergency medicine for Jefferson Health Northeast, said for those who don’t think the pandemic is real or that the health system is strained, “look no further than your local hospital or emergency department.”