‘Absolutely cruel’: PSPCA video shows 2 people release their dogs on cat in Frankford, critically injuring it

Cat attacked by two dogs
Photo credit PSPCA

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A cat is in extremely critical condition after being attacked by two dogs in the Frankford neighborhood Tuesday. Authorities are looking for two people seen on security video provoking the attack.

"The individuals on this video appear to think this was funny since they were seen smiling and laughing,” said Nicole Wilson, the director of humane law enforcement and shelter operations for the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

"We don't know whether the cat will survive. The cat’s back isn't broken, but there are multiple internal injuries."

She said two people were walking a pair of dogs when they encountered Buddy, a cat on a porch on Granite Street near the Frankford Transportation Center.

"One individual seems to appear to stop and notice the cat, then draws the attention, it appears, of one of the dogs and then proceeds to release the hold of the leash which results in the dog attacking the cat. Then the second individual appeared to allow the second dog to attack the cat as well,” said Wilson.

“It can be heard on the video, one person saying, ‘Good boy, good boy.’"

On Wednesday, PSPCA said the cat made it through the night but is "still in extremely critical condition."

Anyone with information about this case, including the two people involved, is being asked to contact the PSPCA Humane Law Enforcement Team at 866-601-7722 or email cruelty@pspca.com.

"Having personally viewed the video itself, it is absolutely cruel what happened to this cat and it was absolutely preventable,” Wilson said, “and we need to make sure that these people don't have the opportunity to have this happen to another animal.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: PSPCA