New Philadelphia company looks to make getting to medical appointments easier


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Getting to medical appointments can often be a challenge, but one Philadelphia company is trying to make it a lot easier.

Transportation is a major reason people cancel healthcare appointments. Mark Switaj, founder and CEO of Roundtrip, said that should never happen. His company works with healthcare providers to make sure patients have the rides they need to keep those appointments with doctors, therapists, and other medical personnel.

"Those appointments are established, and in concurrence with that, those care teams are also setting up the ride for that population," said Switaj, "so there's really no burden on the patient to coordinate the ride in tandem with when the medical appointment may be."

His team works with insurance companies or funding sources to work out the payment and schedules a transportation company to make sure patients have the rides they need.

"If a patient has, for example, medical insurance that may cover the cost of rides, we help coordinate what's called a prior authorization to help get that ride covered and paid by, let's say, the patient's medical insurance. And as a result, you know, the patient wouldn't pay for the ride or the care team wouldn't pay for the ride," explained Switaj.

Roundtrip is now working with the American Cancer Society to make sure cancer patients have a way to the doctor or hospital, so transportation is no longer an obstacle to appointments or treatments.