Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania director resigns after accusations of racism, transphobia

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The director of Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania has resigned after a staff uprising. Hundreds of workers and supporters accused Emily Callen of racism, transphobia and many other offenses.

In an open letter, the Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates let loose with a torrent of grievances against 30-year-old Emily Callen, saying she has “de-prioritized abortion” and used “stigmatizing” language when talking about it, “belittled and dismissed the only woman of color on staff for bringing up issues of racism in the organization,” and that she “pushed back against staff who suggested more gender neutral language when referring to sexual and reproductive health care.”

They also pointed out that Callen, who is white, referred to undocumented immigrants as illegals, refused to take a pay cut after the pandemic hit, and mismanaged her office to the point of calling for a restructuring of staff due to budget constraints.

The PPPA board of directors released a statement saying they will appoint interim leadership shortly and then  launch a deep examination of the issues that were raised. Nearly 1,000 people signed the letter in support as of late Wednesday.

Callen took over in March. She stepped down Tuesday evening.