‘It’s like Noah’s Ark out here’: Water main bursts, floods streets in North Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A 20-inch water main burst Thursday morning near Fourth and Berks streets in North Philadelphia, sending thousands of gallons of water rushing through the neighborhood and swallowing an SUV.

Water was flowing up above car tires. One SUV appeared to be sinking into a hole in the ground.

The driver, Harry Herrman, tried to make a right on Fourth Street when he saw water coming up through the road. That was the end of that.

“I went to back up to get out of it and it collapsed,” he said. His Chevy Tahoe was sticking up halfway in the hole like a chip left in the dip bowl.

Many other cars on the block suffered water damage. Neighbors’ basements flooded as the water raged for a couple of hours. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

“The entire street is flooded,” said one resident. “Cars are caving in. This is crazy. Might as well go swimming ’cause there’s water flowing everywhere.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said another. “It’s like Noah’s Ark out here.”

The Philadelphia Water Department is working to identify what exactly happened.