Wolf, Kenney, Shapiro, Outlaw meet at Philadelphia gun violence summit

A semi-automatic handgun.
A semi-automatic handgun. Photo credit Josiah S/Getty Images

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf met with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw and Attorney General Josh Shapiro at a West Philadelphia YMCA Friday afternoon to discuss the gun violence plaguing the city.

No major plans were announced, but the group said the meeting was only the beginning.

Outlaw said the department needs support from state leaders and partners.

"The gun violence that we're seeing is not going to go away, until you address the root causes of the problems that we're seeing," Outlaw said.

"The root causes of the issues are not going to go away unless it's addressed by people that are standing behind me."

Shapiro called on lawmakers to target deeper issues.

“We will not arrest our way out of these challenges, although certainly robust law enforcement response is a key part of it," he said.

"What we must address is the underlying systemic poverty, the underlying systemic inequities existing in our communities across Pennsylvania, particularly in our communities of color."

State Senator Anthony Williams pulled the meeting together, and said lawmakers need to treat gun violence as if it’s a pandemic.

"I'm tired of going to these fake meetings where we have community meetings, we listen to input, and we go away and nothing happens. This is about action," Williams said.

Wolf said he is committed to advocating for state funding in the anti-gun violence effort, and said he wants community input.

“We're working with anyone who reaches out in the city," said Wolf.

"I think we're all looking for answers. We're starting with a process, but I think the reason I'm here is to make sure once again that I stand ready. I think a lot of people in Harrisburg stand ready to work with anybody we can to do effective things here in Philadelphia."

Featured Image Photo Credit: Josiah S/Getty Images