Make your small business more sustainable with eco-friendly office supplies

eco-friendly office supplies
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Figuring out ways to be resourceful and more environmentally conscious at work can include your office supplies.

When looking for ways to lower your carbon footprint you may be surprised that there are alternatives to plastic/common office products with ones made from recycled and reusable materials.

Here are a few ways to replace wasteful items at your small business with ones that are more sustainable.

Recycled copy paper

Until more businesses move to a paperless environment, stocking up on 100% recycled paper is the best way to offset your printing and copying needs with taking care of the earth. While many recycled papers are made with 30% recycled fiber, others like Print Works Recycled Multipurpose Paper offer options with up to 100% recycled content.

Refillable pens/eco-friendly pens

While a refillable fountain pen is an excellent choice since it could potentially last for decades, it may not be feasible to have many on hand for staff. Luckly, brands like Simply Genius make eco-friendly pens in large quantities for a reasonable price. As opposed to plastic pens, these lightweight pens are biodegradable, decrease waste, and have barrels made of recyclable cardboard.

office supplies
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Biodegradable tape

Plastic adhesive tape may be the norm, but doesn’t have to be your de-facto choice. EcoEnclose makes biodegradable plant-derived paper tape that is so easy to use it doesn’t even require a dispenser. Their Kraft Flatback Paper Tape is a great sustainable option for your everyday business needs.

Greener Post-it notes

Regardless of who invented them, everyone’s favorite sticky paper is available in a greener option. Made with water-based adhesive and 100% recycled paper, Post-it Greener Notes are sourced from certified, renewable and responsibly managed forests. They are also recyclable.

Staple-free stapler

Is a stapler still a stapler if it doesn’t use staples? It is with a Paper Clinch by Plus. Designed to fasten papers with minimal force, the Paper Clinch fastens up to 5 sheets of paper without the use of staples. Not only are you creating less waste, you will save money from having to constantly buy staples.

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