Average American expects to gain 8 lbs. over holiday season

Woman full from eating turkey
Woman full from eating turkey Photo credit Getty Images

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks ago, so if you haven't started already, you better begin to mentally prepare for just how much food you're about to consume over the next couple of months.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are "eatin' holidays" for sure. So much so, the average American expects to gain 8 lbs. this year just over the holidays alone!

A new study from SWNS Digital found that 60% of Americans agree they "deserve" to indulge in holiday treats this year. 90% of people also added that they'll mostly just try to enjoy the holidays, and won't worry too much about what they eat!

48% of people admitted to eating so much in one sitting, they had to undo a button or loosen their belt, 39% have eaten until they felt sick, and an additional 39% have also deliberately worn stretchy pants to accommodate more food!

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