Coca-Cola introduces new flavor inspired by space

Cans of Coca Cola are displayed on July 25, 2018 in San Rafael, California.
Cans of Coca Cola are displayed on July 25, 2018 in San Rafael, California. Photo credit (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Coca-Cola wants to give its customers a taste of space.

Starlight, a flavor inspired by the cosmos, will be released by the multinational beverage manufacturer Monday. It is part of the new Coca-Cola Creations line of limited release flavors.

For customers, a taste of space in a soda bottle is far less expensive than the estimated $450,000 price tag for an actual trip out of our world.

“Thirty-five years ago, Coca-Cola partnered with NASA to become one of the first soft-drinks to travel to space,” said Oana Vlad, senior director of global brand strategy for Coca-Cola. “That same passion for space still exists today. With Coca-Cola Starlight, we wanted to celebrate the remarkable ability of space exploration to inspire generations to discover new worlds of infinite possibilities. We set out to bring that concept to life through a simple sip, capturing some of the mystery and essence of what we love about space.”

Original and zero-sugar options of Starlight will be available. Though it is expected to look very similar to regular Coca-Cola, it will appear red or purple when held up to the light instead of brown.

“Coca-Cola Starlight combines great Coca-Cola taste with a dash of the unexpected, including a reddish hue. Its taste includes additional notes reminiscent of stargazing around a campfire, as well as a cooling sensation that evokes the feeling of a cold journey to space,” said a press release about the product.

Space stock photo.
Reds and purples that inspired Coca-Cola's new "Starlight" flavor. Photo credit Getty Images

A reporter from Nexstar said the drink tastes much like regular Coke, but with a hint of s’mores. Initial sips may have more of a cotton candy or berry flavor and the drink has a unique cooling sensation, they added.

“It might just be worth trying this Coca-Cola creation if you’re a fan of soft drinks,” said the reporter.

Coca-Cola's new "Starlight" flavor tastes a bit like s'mores, said a reviewer.
Coca-Cola's new "Starlight" flavor tastes a bit like s'mores, said a reviewer. Photo credit Getty Images

Starlight is expected to land in local grocery or convenience stores in 20-ounce bottles and 10-packs of 7.5-ounce mini cans next week and will be available for a limited six-month run. Along with the beverage, Coca-Cola plans to release merchandise such as clothing inspired by Starlight and digital metaverse perks, such as an opportunity to scan a bottle to see a digital concert by pop star Ava Max.

“Coca-Cola Starlight takes people on a journey in the same way that music has the ability to transport listeners to new worlds with each song,” said Max.

In 2020, Coca-Cola decided to discontinue beverages such as Tab diet soda and Odwalla juice. More new, limited edition Coca-Cola Creations flavors are expected to show up in stores in the future.

Featured Image Photo Credit: (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)