iPhone adds pregnant man, gender-neutral emojis in latest update

emoji library on iphone
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Apple users have 37 new emojis to use -- 123 if you count all the design variations -- following a recent software update for iPhones.

Among the new emojis are a pregnant man, a gender-neutral person with crown, a melting face, a troll, heart hands and beans.

The new emojis are part of Apple's iOS 15.4 update that was rolled out to all users in mid-March. We got a sneak peek of the emojis back in January when an optional update was released, but now the new designs are available for everyone to use.

The updated emoji library features new smileys, people, hand gestures, objects, food and nature, according to Emojipedia.

Among the more notable new additions are a pregnant man and gender-neutral pregnant person. There is also a gender-neutral person wearing a crown, to complement the longstanding king and queen emojis.

The update features seven new smiley faces -- the most since a software update in 2017. The new faces include a melting face, a face peeking through its fingers, a saluting face, a dotted line face, a diagonal mouth face, a face holding back tears and a face with open eyes and a hand over its mouth.

There's also seven new hand gestures, each of which support skin tone modifications, including rightward and leftward hands, palm up and down hands, index pointing at the viewer, heart hands, and hand with index finger and thumb crossed.

Users will find 25 new versions of the handshake emoji, allowing for a variety of different skin tone options.

The update also includes random additions like a troll person, disco ball, coral, bubbles, an identification card, beans, playground slide, ring buoy, empty nest, crutch and X-ray.

To see which version of iOS software is installed on your iPhone, go to Settings > General, then tap About.

To update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS, Go to Settings > General, then tap Software Update.

Featured Image Photo Credit: SIPA USA/Imagn Content Services