Meet the world’s tallest domestic cat

He ‘grew and grew like Clifford the Big Red Dog,’ says owner
Savannah cat
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FARMINGTON HILLS (WWJ) – The World’s tallest living domestic cat lives in Michigan and he comes from a family of “famous” cats.

Fenrir Antares Powers, a 2-year-old Savannah cat, is going in the 2023 edition of the Guinness World Records after measuring 18.83 inches long in January 2021.

Fenrir’s owner, a physician and HIV specialist from Michigan, got Fenrir when he was just 12 weeks old, and then he “just grew and grew like Clifford the Big Red Dog,” Will Powers said in video posted to the Guinness World Records YouTube channel last month.

That growth helped Fenrir step into the same spotlight as some of his “siblings.” At 16.07 inches long, Altair is the holder for the longest tail on a living domestic cat.

Arcturus was the holder for the tallest cat ever and previously held the title for tallest living domestic cat before dying in a fire at the Powers’ home in November 2017. Cygnus, a silver Maine coon cat, also died in the fire and previously held the record for the longest tail on a living domestic cat.

Powers said Fenrir often comes to his office and helps comfort patients dealing with stress and anxiety.

At home, meanwhile, Powers says Fenrir uses his height to do things other cats wouldn’t be able to – including climbing up to the counter to scrounge for food or stand up to open doors.

At nearly 19 inches long, Fenrir is longer than the typical Savannah cat, which usually are between 14-17 inches. Savannah cats are crosses between domestic cats and large-eared wild African cats like servals, according to the International Cat Association.

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