Study finds 76% of people working from home have better relationship with coworkers

One of the few benefits we've found during this whole virtual working thing is that many people believe they now have a better relationship with their coworkers. That is, at least, according to one study conducted by global visual communications firm Canva and the organization Fingerprint for Success.

The study surveyed 2,000 professionals in America who have worked remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. It found that 76% of people who have been working from home say they now actually have a better relationship with their coworkers.

The study was conducted after a year in which the coronavirus has redefined how companies operate in an even more virtual world.

"The need for both visual communication and online collaboration has never been more universal. In the last year alone, we've seen millions of teams adapt their approach to suit this new way of working. From brick and mortar businesses pivoting into online environments to Fortune 500 organizations transitioning to fully remote teams, we've seen countless examples of the way Canva's templates and digital collaboration suite have been able to empower teams of every size to continue doing their best work," said Rob Kawalsky, the head of product at Canva.

"The overnight shift to remote work was a huge transition for many people and companies across the globe during the pandemic. Yet as this research reveals, the new workflow models have proven to be a success in terms of establishing productive, engaged and connected teams in a virtual environment," commented Michelle Duval, CEO of Fingerprint for Success.

Duval added: "Collaborating as a team is no longer defined by needing a real-time shared office space, but by how people work together using various online tools and virtual workspaces. It is super important for managers and people leaders in 2021 to understand the individual and team preferences in order to support future hybrid work-from-home and office productivity."

The study had a number of other findings, including:
- 50% say remote work has improved their productivity.
- 76% say their relationships with co-workers are stronger as a result of the shift to work-from-home during 2020.
- 75% have a new-found confidence in their role and position within a team; almost half (46%) say remote work has improved collaboration with colleagues.
- 52% want a flexible work-home arrangement in 2021.
- 30% want to continue working from home full-time indefinitely.

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