HBO Max will be offering a cheaper service because 'most people … are not wealthy'

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So many streaming services, so little time -- and money.

With the number of platforms increasing every day, HBO Max plans to offer a new subscription tier to make access to their service more affordable.

Jason Kilar, the CEO of HBO 's parent company Warner Media, understands that the accumulation of multiple streaming services can be expensive and has announced one solution. Kilar revealed the company will soon be offering a cheaper, ad-supported version of HBO Max because, as he put it, "most people ...are not wealthy."

“It turns out that most people on this planet are not wealthy,” Kilar said during a virtual appearance at a media conference, according to Deadline. “If we can wake up and use price and be able to kind of invent and do things elegantly through advertising to reduce the price of the service, I think that’s a fantastic thing for fans.”

HBO Max is currently one of the most expensive streaming service available, costing $14.99 per month.

No word yet on when the less-expensive version of HBO Max will be made available for subscription.

Earlier this week, Paramount Plus launched after rebranding CBS All Access.

There are two tiers being offered at this present moment. You can get an ad-free service for $9.99 per month (or $99.999 annually), or opt for limited commercials for $5.99 (or $59.99 per year if you pay upfront).

In June, the lower-priced tier will drop to $4.99.

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