The After Mess Podcast

The After Mess Podcast

Don’t you wish it could be happy hour all day every day?

The creators of Drink in AZ had the same thought. In fact, they love happy hour so much that they turned it into a lifestyle!

In case you live under a rock & didn’t already know, Drink in AZ is a local-oriented lifestyle blog that’s all about drinks. No, really – “Drink in AZ” is exactly what it sounds like!

The idea was born after its founders realized that there was a need for a social media account that could not only bring people together over a common interest, but benefit our local community! They’re not your typical big-name brand account that just wants to sell you stuff – they really care about their followers and want to facilitate a real community.

Their followers love them because the team behind Drink in AZ is so personable & work hard to put out fun, relatable content. The platform is truly Arizona-centric and geared towards giving followers the type of content that they’re most interested in.

Since its launch, the Drink In AZ platform has amassed thousands of followers on Instagram as well as Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. They’ve even worked in conjunction with a handful of local social media personalities and communities like @AZFoodie and @WelcometoArizona to get the word out about some of the best things for AZ residents to do.

Be sure to follow along with Drink in AZ on all of your favorite social media platforms to discover the best drinks, places to drink, and people to drink with!

Must be 21 years of age or older to follow. Please drink responsibly.