October is Pink Dat Month

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PINK DAT® month is a chance for us to highlight breast cancer awareness care in New Orleans. We've partnered with Touro to share some important information that could save lives.

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Mammograms: It’s important to make sure you're getting yearly mammograms, but you can also get ahead of breast cancer with just some simple awareness. You may not be aware of the less commonly known signs of breast cancer like a thickening in your breast, tenderness, irritation, a change in size or shape and dimpling or swelling.

Not Just Family History: It’s important to get ahead of the game with breast cancer. It's crucial for everyone because if you don’t have a family history of breast cancer, it doesn’t mean you’re not at risk. Only about 10% of people diagnosed have a family history.  That’s why you need to be vigilant about monthly self-exams and yearly mammograms.

Lifestyle Choices: Choosing healthy habits can help reduce your risk of breast cancer. These simple lifestyle changes can help decrease your risk: if you smoke – quit. If you drink alcohol, make sure it’s in moderation. Watch your weight, get daily exercise, and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. And don't forget to do your monthly self-exam!

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Join Linda Cassidy for talks about breast cancer care with an emphasis on care. Hear her interviews with medical professionals from Touro on select mornings throughout PINK DAT® month on Magic 101.9.

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