Brian Scalabrine explains why he’s ‘all-in’ on Celtics acquiring Jakob Poeltl


The NBA’s Feb. 9 trade deadline is now exactly two weeks away. There hasn’t been much movement yet, but that is sure to change soon.

What will the league-leading Celtics do? Brian Scalabrine has his sights set on one player in particular: San Antonio Spurs center Jakob Poeltl, whom Boston was linked to last week via a report from The Athletic.

The Audacy NBA Insider and NBC Sports Boston analyst explained why he’s “all-in” on the Celtics getting Poeltl during his weekly WEEI appearance on Wednesday with Meghan Ottolini, Andy Hart and Nick “Fitzy” Stevens.

(Listen to the full interview with Scalabrine beginning at the 12:45 mark.)

“I’m all-in on Jakob Poeltl,” Scalabrine said. “I don’t have any inside information or anything like that. Whatever is out there, I’m sure Brad will make the right move. He studies this stuff more than me. I just think moving forward -- not just this year, but in the future -- getting a guy like Jakob Poeltl, I think he would be an amazing addition to Rob Williams and Al Horford, not just for this year but moving forward. He’s that big body. He’s a really smart player. He moves the ball really well. He fills, to me, a lot of boxes. I don’t think we need help at the wing. I don’t think we need help at the guard position.

“I think even if it’s just the regular season where Rob and Al can be managed with their minutes, that Jakob Poeltl would make a huge difference. And I would hope that if they were to make a trade like that, that he would be a part of the Celtics long-term, because I just think he’s a fantastic addition. He’s the one piece that I would feel like we’re missing if we’re really talking about winning a championship. Outside of that, I’m not really high or excited about anything out there. But I would be absolutely floored if we can get a guy like that. … Jakob Poeltl checks a lot of boxes to save Rob Williams’ career, save Al Horford’s career, and prolong this window.”

Poeltl, 27, has started 39 games this season and is averaging 12.1 points, 9.2 rebounds, 2.9 assists and 1.2 blocks in 26 minutes per game. He is listed at 7-foot-1, 245 pounds.

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